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A Directory of Landlords in Portsmouth, UK

Student Landlords in Portsmouth

Please see below for a list of student Landlords in Portsmouth

These landlords specialise in student accommodation, student flats and student houses.

ANTI SPAM: Please do not contact this landlord list offering services or anything of a commercial nature or we will hunt you down and send round the spam police! This service is solely for student use.

Logo Landlord Name Last Testimonial received
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Alwin Oliver - view student properties

My first experience with Alwin was in a shared house, where we visited numerous properties of high standards and quality. We choose a four bedroom house where throughout the tenancy we had personal care from Alwin- making sure the house was at the best standard for us and that we would have an amazing experience whilst renting from FlatsinSouthsea. I have had houses from agency's before and this was the first time I have had an independent landlord, especially one as thorough as Alwin. What an amazing experience. Any unanticipated problems were sorted quickly, whilst still keeping our peace in mind. We rented a second property the following year and the same results again. A landlord who really cares. Thank you for everything , all the best.
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Mary Mortimer - view student properties

Martyn Winfield - view student properties
David Damarell - view student properties
Andrew Tiffen - view student properties
John Hole - view student properties
John Williams - view student properties
It is a nice house, very big bedrooms compared to a lot of other student houses. Anytime we have needed something the landlord has been quick to respond. An example of this is that we where all suffering from a slow wifi connection so John was happy to immediately upgrade the internet in our house (without any additional cost to us). Would recomend this landlord/house
Lorraine Daughtrey - view student properties
Fran Carabott - view student properties
Simon Fletcher - view student properties
Tom Williams - view student properties
Yahiya Chowdhury - view student properties
Emma Brough - view student properties
David Herron - view student properties
Linda Bennett - view student properties

This was the first time I've ever rented a property, and like many others in the same boat, this can be daunting and stressful occasion. However linda has made the entire process easy due to her professionalism and punctuality when things go wrong. For example when the kitchen hob broke, she was around the next day and got it replaced within the week. She never suprises you with drop ins and all ways provide at least 24hr notice. Without her this year would have been a lot more challenging. So to her I thank you and to the others decided whether or not to rent a property from her, I would strongly recommend you do.
Peter Guy - view student properties
Mr Rothwell - view student properties
Anthony Wyman - view student properties
Peter Blanchard - view student properties

Steve Potter - view student properties

Steve is a great landlord. If we had a problem he would be over that day to help sort it out. His houses are of a high standard; furniture, carpets, walls etc. It's a shame he couldn't be our landlord next year!
Karl Naumann - view student properties
James Smith - view student properties

Dawn Sait - view student properties
James Oliver - view student properties

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