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Student Article - Wild goose chase?
Author: Kate Vasquez
Well, it's that time again; Suddenly you realise the end of the year has arrived and panic sets in . You find that the organised mess of notes that is usually found lying around your room slowly transforms into pages and pages of letting ads; that every other site on your favourites list now has the word 'accommodation' in it and that you can't find Tom, Steph or John in your phone list because its been contaminated with 101 potential landlord's numbers. One would think that with all these different sources of information, the right area, dates, price and conditions would be easy to find. So why is this not the case ? Are we too picky?
The answer is yes and no; deciding on a house isn't something that should be taken lightly. It's not as easy as buying the cheap bog roll or trying out that gooey looking pizza that's on offer. The room you choose is something you are going to have to put up with for the whole year, and it isn't something that you'll want to sign for impulsively. However this doesn't justify running around in search for the Holy Grail of accommodation because it just isn't going to happen.
What I am getting at here is that the best way to find suitable accommodation is to compromise. Instead of insisting that your accommodation be crawling distance from the student union , why not just insist that it's a bus ride away? Or instead of feeling that its necessary to have enough space to swing a cat in your room why not settle for a small room in a house with a living area you can spend some time in?
Yes, sacrifices such as these may be hard to live with at first but theres no use in stressing out trying to find a house that simply isn't there. We students are adaptable creatures and though that isn't an excuse to settle for living in a hell hole , it is a reason to accept that though we may want everything, we can cope without some things .

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