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Student Article - Sheffield - an idiot's guide
Author: Chris Parsons
So you're thinking about Sheffield for your university life eh? Well, you've made a great choice in even considering it, and you'd make an even better one in deciding to live there. Despite having the somewhat vague moniker of 'the gateway to the north', the Steel City is much more than an access point to the likes of Leeds, Manchester, and Liverpool.

For a start, Sheffield caters for the average student in almost every way it is possible to do so. Those who stay there for three years and claim to have not had a good time stayed couped up in their rooms, are lying, or ended up in nearby Rotherham by accident.
Sheffield's main student areas are Broomhill, Crookes, and Eccleshall Road. All are ideally placed in relation to the city centre, and despite the steepness of the hills in places, most soon get used to it. For the more public transport-minded, buses run regularly, and the 'supertram' service from the city centre is superb.
Most students care little for mundane details like transport though when there is the nightlife to consider. Again, Sheffield does not disappoint. Of the main clubs in the city centre, Plug, Gatecrasher, Kingdom and the Leadmill are all well worth a visit, particularly on the designated student nights when the drinks are so laughably cheap you wonder how the clubs survive financially. Kingdom's is on a Monday, with fresh-faced first years flocking there in their hundreds week in, week out. If you can't stomach another heavy session at one of the main clubs, there are many, many quieter venues where you can get lightly toasted into the small hours. The Frog & Parrot (which used to serve the strongest beer in the world), and the Devonshire Cat are particular highlights.

Still unconvinced? When you take into account the more-than-adequate shopping facilities (Division Street for the fashionistas, the giant Meadowhall shopping centre if you want to tackle the crowds), and the relatively cheap rent prices (65-70p/w will easily afford you great digs in 2nd and 3rd year), you really can't go far wrong. Forget the rest of the north, you'll have your best student years in Sheffield.


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