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Student Article - Never forget your keys!!!
Author: SeŠn Henry
Last year I was a resident at Morton house at the university of Liverpool's carnatic site. After a particularly boozy nite I began to make my long journey home from town to my bed. Unfortunately after finally arriving at the front door of my block, I then realised that I had forgotten my keys.

In my considerably inebriated state I felt that my best course of action was to kick through the front window and open the door lock from the inside, giving absolutely no thought as to how I would actually get into my room when I had succeeded!

Sure enough the window went through with the greatest of ease and my plan appeared to be running smoothly. But alas, at that sobering moment with my leg halfway through the window, I heard the voice of one of my halls tutors coming down the path!

At this point still feeling a little worse for wear, I panicked and ran away from the door believing this to be the best solution to my current problem (who would even know it was me?)
Of course whilst running away from the scene of the crime I passed my tutor on the path and the clever lady that she is, put two and two together and I was eventually caught!

I managed to sober up just enough to prevent myself from being arrested and explained that I was actually a resident student and had forgotten my keys. I was later informed by one of my good friends who lived in the room beside the front door, that I had given him my keys as I had 'planned to get very drunk' and may lose them while I was out for the night!

The end result was a 4 inch gash in my ankle, a repair fine of £180.00, and a behavioural fine of £25.00 issued after a meeting with the site warden. I was also informed at the end of the meeting that I would not be permitted the use of the site squash courts or library services! A great shame really, although I had never played squash before, I liked to know I had the option!

A lesson to all to never forget your keys!!!

or more realistically don't cause damage to university property...


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