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AFS Pinterest AFS facebook AFS Twitter AFS LinkedIn Student Article - How not to end up your housemates' cleaner.

Student Article - How not to end up your housemates' cleaner.
Author: Natassa Peioglou

So,you are all settled at a house with 2 other seemingly fantastic housemates and after a couple of days(yes!that's how long it takes to see the difference)you realise that things are not exactly as they seem.There are empty cans of beer in the living room,full ashtrays that noone has the intention of getting rid of and you are under the suspicion that new species are born in your bathroom.Here's a survival guide drawn from my own personal experience on how not to end up being your housemate's cleaner.

Rule no1 and most important:
-Don't introduce yourself as the cleaning Messiah!Avoid phrases like:I can't stand the house being untidy,I will clean it up don't worry!,Oh!that spot?I have the right gel,it will go away in seconds!

The only thing you will succeed is for them to relax,being sure they have their mummy in the house.

Rule No2
-Don't make comments about their untidiness.Wait to see how far thay are willing to go.
This is a difficult step.You must make sure you are patient.If they see you running behind them picking up their cups of coffee and finished packs of crisps,they will never ever do it themselves.You need to see when they think it's time!

Rule No3
- You can break the rules only when your personal hygiene is at stake!
By saying that I mean the bathroom and sometimes the kitchen though the latter I find not that Serious.You are allowed to do so as often as you please!

Rule No4
-Little tricks never harmed anyone.Let's say you always find your housemates books on the living room floor.You can pick one and hide it somewhere else.Believe me,people who don't tidy,are never sure where they leave things.You will never be suspected.S/He will run around the house madly looking for it and then he will realise that he needs to put them in order.
This can be applied into several similar situations.

-Another situation you might come across,is the bin deal.No big deal!Just that the dustbin in the kitchen,the one in the bathroom and the small one in the living room are always full and you are the only one who bothers emptying them.Problem solved.You first close the full bin bags without taking them off the bin.Whoever wants to use it,has to get a new bag!As simple as that!

Final Rule to remember at all times

Never ever ever show that you are afraid to set the rules.Messy people can smell fear more than their smelly bedrooms.

May the cleaning forces be with you!

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