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AFS Pinterest AFS facebook AFS Twitter AFS LinkedIn Student Article - Panicking about finding accomodation?

Student Article - Panicking about finding accomodation?
Author: Amelia Hamson
Are you currently searching for accomodation? Have many of your friends already found a place to live and you haven't? Then don't panic! Panicking about it always seems the obvious route to take but there really isn't any need.

I was in your situation a few weeks ago and yes, I do admit, I was startig to get worried that I was going to be homeless for my second year at university. In my case my friends had found a house I really wasn't happy about and was therefore left to my own devices to find accomodation.

One of the first steps I took was to advertise on this website that I was in need of a room in a house next year. But don't just leave it at that; you need to keep actively looking over other peoples avertisements aswell. Thats how I managed to find an ideal place to live.

I also had a backup plan; my university offers accomodation to all years, although it isn't guarenteed. Although, for me, it wouldn't be my first choice living on campus, it is always worth having a backup plan like that just in case.

Finally keep talking about your situation to friends and family - you never know who has a spare room or is in the same situation as you. The more you keep looking and listenting out for places to live the more likely you will find somewhere. Don't expect it to fall into your lap just because you put up one advert ; keep searching and you will find somewhere.

Hope this helps!!


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