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Student Article - Guide to Liverpool by an 18 yr old Scouse Girl!
Author: Richard & lisa Hodgson & henry
Its been 18 years since i took my first breath in the wonderful city of Liverpool.
I was born in Dingle, later moved to Oldswan and presently Childwall!

Of them all - Dingle has to be the cheapest and closest to town! Being only a 15 minute walk, 10 minute bus ride or 5 minute taxi ride Dingle is a great coice for students attending ALL Uni's..even Hope as a short walk to Toxteth would get you straight on the 75 bus route to Hope's main campus or in the opposite direction to Liverpool Community College's Arts Centre! Toxteth is also a small walk to LIPA!

Childwall is the best option for students who have a slightly higher housing budget and are attending Hope Uni as Childwall housing can be slightly more expensive - however worth the cost! Childwall has extremely quick bus routes (79,14) into town taking only 15 minutes to get straight into the heart of Liverpool Uni/JMU Or The Royal Hospital and Faculty of Medicine or 20 minutes right into the centre of town and also straight to Clarence street Liverpool Community College! No Matter where in Childwall you stay you would probably be in walking distance of Hope Uni if you are attending this Uni.

Old Swan which boarders Kensington is a very popular student area with its many pubs & shops its a great choice for students that like to have evenings out!
The bus route from OldSwan/Kensington would be the number 10a/10b/10c/8 to mention a few!
These areas are quite close to town already and the buses are quite fast (15-20) at getting you into town.
This area and its buses would also be great for anyone studying at the Dentist Hospital, Faculty of Tropical Medicine or Royal Hospital as the bus route into town drops you right to the front of these buildings which are all a 10 minute walk into town from there.

One of the most popular student areas in Liverpool has to be Allerton! With its 10 minute bus ride to Hope Uni's Campus and its 15 Minute Bus ride to town its perfect.
Allerton also has a number of pubs and bars, its own Odeon cinema, a 24/7 Tesco and many other shops at your service.
The housing around Allerton is mostly Shared houses and is around 35-65 Usually Bills included!

Now to Liverpools City Centre itself!
Liverpool is Famous for its night life and has a great number of clubs, pubs, cinemas, theatres, museams and one of the best shopping centres out there!
The best Clubs can be found at Concert Square off Bold Street right in the City Centre! With clubs such as - The Krazy House, Walkabout, Loydds Bar and a relatively new bar called the Late Lounge for 21's and Over only!
Matthew Street is also a great place for students with a lively host of bars with acts from live music to comedians! With clubs near by such as Garlands, Society and the G Bar!

Most of the big named shops in Liverpool City Centre all do student discount ranging from between 10% to 20% off! These shops include all the big names such as TOPSHOP/TOPMAN, Miss Selfrige, River Island, Buton/Dorothy Perkins!

The museams, cinemas, restaurants and bars/clubs also do student discount and special student days/nights.
Making enjoying youself in Liverpool even cheaper then you thought!

If this is your first time coming to Liverpool i hope this guide helps and you have a Fantastic stay as most students who come to live in Liverpool - never go home!
This city really is student central and is perfect for the cheapest and most exciting 4 years or so of your student life!


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