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Student Article - Plymouth Area
Author: Gintare Laboviciute
Hey I moved to Plymouth 'bout 3 years ago. I must say its a lovely place I know every student has doubts when coming to live to a new city but really in Plymouth you wont get bored the train station is about 5 minutes away from the uni and we're in brilliant location. All the good beaches are bout 20 minutes drive and the uni itself is based in the middle of city centre practically I know most student think that Plymouth might seem a bit isolated from other cities, but as I mentioned before the train station is accessible and it really doesn't cost that much to get on a train and just go somewhere usually, if one of the roommates has a car you can all kind of chip on petrol and just go beach for a day or something well, what else to say? The mall is like five minutes walk from the uni halls and there are lots of bars and pubs around uni itself. The accommodation isn't that expensive either. In my, opinion for uni life, Plymouth is a really good choice. Also the cinema and the arcade, if you interested, are about 15 minutes from uni. Barbican is also a place worth visiting that is if you like the ocean, I mean. Itís only like 10 minutes walk through town from the uni. City centre includes all the shops you might want to visit selling everything from food to accessories. Well as I said before, in my opinion the city is great and really worth moving to especially if you are a student

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