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Student Article - Hull night life,......!
Author: Lucy Palmer
Been a student myself i know all about the so called 'student life', but how can you be a proper student and experience this life if you dont know your way around hulls clubbing scene.....?

I believe that the best way to start a night out is a few drinking games in with friends while you get ready, next you must plan your rout for the night so you know exactly which bars and clubs to hit and when. i have a few favourite places i like to start off in. this is usually my list for the night
1. Sharkys (for cocktails - screeming orgamis ooohhh lol)
2. Mint
3. Revolution
4. Jazz bar
5. Sometimes over to limelight as the DJ is awesome
6. then its usually over to position till 6 in the morning :)
best floor is ther r'n'b or depending on the night the cheese 80's thats sometimes on down stairs, awesome

however if your like me and you prefer the rock scene but dont mind doing the clubbing every now and then as with my list above then spiders is the place to be....

with cheap branded great beer and awesome music its the only place you will stay for the whole night untill they are kicking you out at 3 for shutting time rock and emo downstairs with eavy metal grunge it parts and upstairs is really cheese music, generally 80's but its awsome. a night of sambuca shots is always a good idea

hope this has helped you out a bit

thanks for reading


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