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Student Article - Regulations, regulations, regulations!
Author: Ces Pangle
Scotland has gone bananas when it comes to regulating our lives. It must be to do with the fact that it now has a new broom in the Scottish Parliament and it is hell-bent to prove its worth.

The cost of student accommodation is largely dictated by market forces. Needless to say government intervention influences these forces. Well, the Scottish Executive (God knows how they are going to behave if they become 'Government')has certainly put their foot in with the introduction of HMO regulations. The argument for these are not invalid. The crux of the problem is that employing and implementing these HMO regulation is akin to using a sledge hammer to crack a nut!

It is understood that the average landlord affected by the regulations is out of pocket by about five thousand pounds just to qualify for a HMO licence. In addition he has to fork out around a thousand pounds for renewal fees, electrical and gas safety checks every year. Most casual but sincere landlords are not just finding that the bureaucracy has become tiresome and unnecessary but that it has impose a time and financial burden. The whole scenario is beginning to smack of dracronian and even dictatorial interference and intrusion of a private enterprise. It has been said that - apart from being a new broom - there's an attempt of job-creation and empire-building.

Apart from that tragic incident when two students died in a fire in a rogue Glaswegian landlord's flat majority of similar incidents are in fact not in HMOs but in properties owned by local authorities.

May I plead with those in power to be content on riding the gravy train. The long suffering taxpayers have given more than their fair share; the MSPs and the Councillors have taken more than a bigger share of their cake. Give us value for money. Don't punish us because we're the majority who are silent! Don't punish us because in addition to taxes we're now having to pay higher rent due to landlords passing on the cost of complying with HMO regulations.

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