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Student Article - Student's Life - A Carved Stone
Author: Rakesh Raman
The Students who enter into a very new place of environment in seeking for an accomodation needs to remember some tips & tricks:

The student needs to look in all the pros & cons about the given area of where he/she has
exactly planned to stay.

It is always better for a student to reside near the university as in case of any emergency
it would be more helpfull.

The Cost Factor for a student means a lot as each and every penny spent from his/her pocket
is valuable inspite of the concessions they procure at many places.

So,inorder to that the students should look after there living expenditure and always think
about wise spending.

Being a student is such a prestigious and wonderfull happening in one's life and he/she
needs to satisfy their life by usefully spending their time studying and in other beneficial

Students working in Part-Time jobs is a welcoming act but one should not stress his/her life in both studying as well as working simultaneously as the education is much much more valuable than working for some nominal pounds.
They need to plan it up and split accordingly as it does not hamper their education on a large extent.

International Students who are 'As fresh as an Apple' to the current environment needs to adapt many things as it would smell new to them and getting on things well depends on individuals.

Cooking is one of the major tasks as a student as they need to manage on their own.
But seriously speaking it is the most happening and fun filled time where u can really enjoy with ur fellow-mates of a serious combined work and in-turn that provides you more confidence in oneself and gains one's confidence level.

It becomes a medium of a good relationship and you become a Real Hero when u are a perfect cook.
Anyways,a student life is such a joyfull and cherishng moment in everyone's life and you
should never waste even a moment of its kind.Have Fun being a student and one can create and explore himself at various stages of his career life and reach great heights in short span of time which becomes more cherishable and becomes memories after decades of time.


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