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Student Article - Life of an International student
Author: Rakesh Raman
This is a story of an International student who goes on a study tour and finds himself in all the situations and finally marks himself to be a successful person in life.

The Accomodation story for an International student will defenitely be the most funniest things he would have experienced.
The dream of an International student is pretty big as he steps forward into another land where he expects his hopes and dreams to be fulfilled where this happens mostly on the other way round .
The day he landed on the place,the first thing that struck his mind was 'where is he going to stay the next minute and place all his belongings'.
The huge luggages and the new environment rose many questions to himself as how is he gonna pull along his rest of his college days in this new atmosphere.

The places are new,people are new,and everything sounds in Greek and Latin and finally he was forced to find an accomodation soon as his body aches makes him feel more dry and drowsy.
Atlast he finds a place and meets the Land-Lord(supposed to be called)gives his conditions away and expects the accomodation to a level of his satisfaction but not the exact one which he expected.But,as we say that Life is full of adjustments,he gets fitted into an accomodation.

There were mixed reviews about the place where he was residing currently.But certain things were to be given a proper discount as the place was good enough to a certain level and the kitchen being provided with the gadgets (so called)Oven ,Refregirator,Electric stove,etc.,,needed a complete maintanence.He finally got settled with the stuffs there.
It was a cold dampy weather in the mid of September with blowing winds and the climate was pretty cold and he was trembling in that environment as the heaters were also in the Winter very well sleeping.

He found that night to be miserable as all the clothes he brought was on his body but still could'nt manage that cold windy blowing air.The best part of the story was for the first time he had to cook himself in that cold dampy weather.However,he managed to do so and fought the rest of the night and finally in the next day morning the first thing that came to his mind was to scream at the Landlord about all his useless and worthless belongings.
But the mistake was in his side too as he never intended to check whether the gadgets were functioning properly.He beleived the landlord like a blind-folded donkey but finally he realizes his mistake and wants to rectify them.
He met the landlord on a very sunny day and claims all the fault and finally the gadgets were rectified slowly in a months period .He had an aversion towards the place and did not prefer to stay anymore over there as he had an intention to shift but all were in vain because it is a dream of shifting houses in that place as one signs a contract with the landlord ,he is solely commited to that particular house and helpless throught his stay and whatever happens during his stay he needs to stick on to the contract.

So,he was forced to reside but everything changed as the time flew.The negatives were converted into positives and he started to like the environment and the accomodation which he hated the most.This was the best example for adaptating onself.
The life which seemed to be difficult and frustrating initially, became a cake-walk and happening as he started loving each and every activity he performed.His responsibility levels were seen deliberately and he very well mixed with all his fellow-mates and got into high responsibilities and laid success all the way throught his life.

The moral of the story:
Life is short but each and every day is pretty long to reach our respective goals.
It is not always possible to expect things to happen in our choice
But ,certainly we can love the choice that happens to you knowingly or un-knowingly.
So ,Enjoy each and every portion of your life as it would have written a great history when it is viewed back after ages.

Rakesh R


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