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Student Article - Advantages & Disadvantages of Overseas Education
Author: Sagar Modi
International Education is becoming popular and available option for many students and graduates. The attractions are obvious, and include:
International Experience
World Class Qualification
Learning in a modern Environment
Range of courses
Value for Money

International Education gives an opportunity to study and work in an International arena thereby improving ones expertise and making a mark in a new country. Education from an International college/University is recognised and respected throughout the world. International colleges/Universities are highly modernized and provide excellent infrastructure. They provide students with a wide range of courses. The courses too offer a wide range of modules. The course structure is defined such that, apart from the core modules, a student can select the remaining modules depending upon his area of expertise or interest.

Moreover, International Colleges/Universities have highly qualified and competent faculty. Together with their advanced research facilities, they provide a rich blend of technical knowledge and practical expertise, as well as all-round development required by a student to become a world class performer. Considering the field of Microelectronics, a microelectronics engineer today is faced with many challenges brought about by the rapid advances in computer, multimedia and telecommunication technology. Here, an International Program in Microelectronic Engineering design stream addresses all aspects of this technology, from high level specification of microelectronic systems, through implementation alternatives, to realisation of integrated circuits. Also, students have access to cutting-edge design tools used by the industry and get a chance to work on real industry projects. One can therefore gain the skills that industry demand and thereby increase their chances of finding employment in the growing microelectronics industry.

As mentioned above, the benefits of an International Education can be enjoyed only if it is done from a good and renowned college/University. Compromise on the quality of Education can prove to be a disadvantage. Also, an International Education can be an expensive option considering the cost of
Education and the cost of Living. However, with the increase in the number of Scholarships and Financial grants given by different countries, Financial Institutions, Colleges and Universities, international education has now become affordable to many graduates. But apart from financial constraints, a student is faced with many other challenges like, adapting to a new culture, accepting different teaching styles, and facing forms of learning that he might not be used to. In addition, there are times when he may miss his family, friends, food and everything familiar. However, with the passage of time, students learn to socialize and adjust to the new environment.

To conclude, I feel that, an International Education from a good College/University helps to develop tangible career benefits including improved foreign language skills, greater self-reliance and self-confidence. Moreover on a personal front, it helps graduates in socializing with new people, discover and experience a totally new culture.

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