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AFS Pinterest AFS facebook AFS Twitter AFS LinkedIn Student Article - safe places to live in hull

Student Article - safe places to live in hull
Author: Creative Home
So your coming to uni in Hull, or thinking about it. I can see why you would be worried, our demographics are pretty eyeopening! Bizarrely our uni is in its own way, its own little ecosyste. Even the local area Newland avenue has enough to stop you ever needing to venture into a somewhat hairy town centre.

I love hull, I'm from Hull. I live near the uni and i think always will. I live in what used to be termed 'the museli belt' a conservation area full of people with rugs on walls and far too many cats, sculptures on the treelined streets and nice neighbouly spirit. A few years ago the house prices went up and it became a lot harder to get a flat or house there. If you can get a shared house there (they are big houses and plenty of people rent under the 'rent a room scheme) I would 100% reccommend this area.

Ok near the uni the first place you look is Cottingham, its safe but miles away for Hull itself so you are likely to stay on campus for most of your time there, which to me would be frustrating when im at an age where i want to see the world, why do that? I want to get out there an experience life! I suppose for a fist year, when you are getting used to student life, cottingham is a nice safe place to do it from.

Then there is Newland avenue. There is so much going on down here, a great place to live, drink coffee till late, eat, its open all day and all night so its just better all round for the student bodyclock!. Its pretty safe really too, the flats are not of a great quality, but if you get a shared house some of them are ok. There are librarys, swimming baths, busses, boutiques, charity shops (lots of them!, nightclubs, bars, late night coffee shops, tescos, sainsburys, gyms, everything really all a very short walk away.

Anywhere else in the centre that isnt in or near these places is a big risk, i wouldnt bother.

ok, that little write up took me 5 min. i hope it helps.


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