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Student Article - Halls vs Housing
Author: Philippa Campbell
Halls. Lets face it. They sound better than they actually are. The alcohol fazes your judgement and you spend most of your time either: in a relationship with your 8 bottle of sub standard vodka, or recovering from said relationship. I went into halls for my first year at my first university. It was a hole.

Now at my second try of uni living, the battle of to give halls another go, or cut my losses and live in a house comes into play. Many of my friends went into houses their first year and I can't say it has left them scarred. Yes, you do miss out on some of the action going around, but my experience left me watching the x-factor on a saturday night with a cup of tea in my hand, with my flatmates and trust me that was the highlight. Freshers wasn't really action packed either. The one time we did actually make it out to a club we left early so the couples could get to bed! It wasn't exactly what I was looking for. My housing assistant wasn't helpful either, it was a choice of stick it and deal, or go home and do something next year. I felt I made the wrong choice with my course to so I took a gap year. Which has been uh-mazing

Now I'm not against them completely. On a campus university I can see how they're deliciously tempting: roll out of bed, into some clothes and into a lecture hall. The security guards are always fun to mess with too. Along with all utilities included, plus the added bonus of a maid rooting through your shared facilities, waking you up at the crack of dawn is also there to sweeten the deal. If you're lucky enough to have a maid provided that is .

I guess at the end of it all, it's the luck of the draw. The people make the living. I have heard horror stories from each, but amazing ones too. If it's a university you are looking at and you're one of those people who don't need much sleep then halls are your way to go. If not and its not a campus then I would seriously consider housing. If you're not bothered about going out every single night (Which you can still do by the way in housing! It's not like you have to be locked away and shunned!) then look at housing. I mean we managed to go through our entire school lives without living with our friends. I don't know about you but I love my school friends! So why can't we do it at uni?

Or the simple answer is for some uni's to clean up their halls! Seriously some of them are absolute holes

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