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Student Article - How to prevent getting scammed and ripped off?
Author: Alnnah

So many people are scammed every year, particularly students which landlords can easily take advantage of, because there new to the area, mostly don't know what to expect and in majority of cases; it's there first time reting a room.
To prevent getting scammed, make sure any promises made are put into the contract, do not be fooled by false promises and friendly landlords, even if they appear to be nice for your own secuirity get everything put down on paper. Don't accept comments like 'This will be changed/fixed before you move in'. If it's not contracted, you can find your self moving into a nightmare!
If you are from the University and the landlord/Lady is on the university list, they are obliged to rent accomodation for 10months only, also to provide a desk for each person. If any problems arise make sure you go to the University for help.
For anyone who is interested in renting make sure you put your deposit throught the deposit protection scheme, where through them you can get your money safely.
Don't be shy when viewing the property, make sure you look at every detail possible, also check if things work. Such as the oven/Washing machine.
When your Landlord/Lady fills in the enventory, make sure you check the details, so that you don't have your deposit take away, such as if the item listed is older than stated.
Before the signing of the contract, get the specific dates of payment and details of maintenance of the property, some landlords/ladies can expect the drains to be maintained or if there is a garden.

So keep your eyes peeled and don't sign anything if your not sure, there's plenty of properties out there, don't let them make you think it is your only choice.

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