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Student Article - Home sweet home Vs lonely student life?
Author: Sanaa A
Being sheltered in a household where there’s always food on the table and clean clothes to wear is a haven you must cherish compared to living away from home.

But is the ‘student life’ that we hear so much about really worth the luxurious cut backs?

For my first year of university, having studied away from home hit me hard. There was no homemade food on the table after a long day’s work at university or anyone to turn to when in need of spare change for the bus!! But after a few months you get used to the student life and start to realise every other student at university goes through the same process and cut backs.

Once settled down in your new flat/house you start to enjoy all the fresher events and late nights out without having to answer to your mum as to where you have been ‘all night’. The late night snacks of pot noodle and having the local take away number on speed dial start to become the norm.

But on a serious note I would advise everyone to move out and take full advantage of the good ol’ student life. It helps you to become more independent and get a feel for the real life whilst standing on your own two feet.

Remember your only a student once so take full advantage.

So good luck everyone


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