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Author: Dan Fraser
I am a year three student who has been through all the worries and stresses of:

1. Looking for a house that suits everyone's budget! javascript:insertsmilie('')
2. Trying to make sure all your requirements are met!javascript:insertsmilie('')
3. Speaking to your landlord about when you want to look at the house, where it is! How to get there! javascript:insertsmilie('')

Since using AFS all these worries were dealt with due to the efficient and stress free database they offer. Last year me and my friends were looking through all the online databases of the numerous housing agents, we even considered trying to do it through a normal estate agents. After weeks of searching and not finding our perfect house at the perfect price to suit everyone, I found AFS Accommodation for Students.

This website brings together all the housing agents with the independent landlords to offer a service that is second to none. Through an easy process, I said that I wanted a 5 bed house, at a maximum of 85 a week which is near to the Uni. The database then went away and chose these houses for me and within minutes I had numerous bookings for great houses that were perfect for us.

Don't take the time to visit every landlord agency, get yourself an account with AFS and get your accommodation for next year sorted quickly and stress free. javascript:insertsmilie('')

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