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Student Article - Your not alone
Author: Joanna Wilson
First year of uni: paid for the deposit on a house for the coming September

But everything went wrong. Two of 5 people going to live in the house decided they were dropping out of uni. The other 2 both came from the same town and one drove, so they decided behind my back to move back home and travel in for lectures. I was left alone with a 5 bedroom house and only me to live in it. Worse was the landlord making it my responsibility to find another 4 people to replace them, which I had no look with and lost my deposit.

Stuck for somewhere to live as all my friends already had houses, I put a deposit down on a house with a spare room, only to find out that the room which would be mine was literally a box. So the landlord suggested another house with a spare room round the corner.

Fortunately, this room was much nicer and in a lovely house. It was a risk moving in with people I had never met, but it paid off as they are both lovely!

Until recently, everything was fine until it came to the time of year to find somewhere to live next year. The two girls Im currently living with are finishing uni, and I wanted to stay in the house but was having trouble finding 2 girls to move in.

After the landlord basically told me i was going to have to move out next year, i found this website and others, which have so many people either advertising a spare room or looking for a room. It made me realise that Im not alone with being unforunate with housing whilst at uni.

I have now found two lovely girls to move in. If you are ever in a similar situation, dont give up!!! Everyone told me it would work out in the end, but I didnt believe them. Now I know they were right


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