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Student Article - Keeping your place clean!
Author: Lisa Langmead
Keeping a rented area clean can be difficult, but at the end of your tenancy it must look good. Follow these tips to keep your place looking great -

If you cannot wash up straight away fill the sink with water and suds and dump plates in - at least they wont be crusty and horrid. - much easier when you come to do them.

Use a microwave safe plate to cover food in microwave, beans are a nightmare to get off.

Use a damp white sock on the end of a broom to collect cobwebs.Use a damp glove to clean blinds.

By pouring some mouthwash into your toothbrush holder it stops the nasty build up at the bottom.

If you spill anything on the carpet use a white damp towel and blot the stain. (Never rub) by blotting it the stain transfers to the towel.

Always look for old fashioned and cheap ways to clean - using old newspapers for glass and making your own cleaning products they all work wonders.

Keep your inside cupboards clean by placing all plates/cups etc on kitchen roll. Change every few weeks - these will stop your cupboard shelves getting dirty. (same with all drawers)

Always place cotton wool balls with a few sprays of scent at the bottom of the bin liner - keeps it smelling nice.

Keep wash cloths in the sink with a little water and soap to keep clean.

Never have shoes in the house - always have a basket next to the door for storage.

Wipe the shower door down with every use with a window cleaning squeegee.

Lisa Langmead
Dust & vac
[email protected]

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