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Student Article - Guide to a New City!!!
Author: Greg Fulton
As a student, for most of us it will be the first time we move away from home. Moving to an entirely new city can be an overwhelming experience that some of us may struggle to fit into.

What I found helped me was during my first year I decided to move into student halls. Although expensive, it did allow me to be able to find my place and fit in with different people who were in the same position as I was. Getting to know new people in a new place settled me in and socialise with different people, I reccommend this for students within their first year however the downside being it quite expensive.

I am going into my second year now and know where to locate all my essentials needed in a new place (shops, clubs haha, lessons) but now I need a new place. I found using a site like this allowed me to locate and find a place to stay without going through the painstaking process of looking manually, i am able to specify what i want and find a place that suits me. It has been extremely useful to me and I reccommend this to anyone who also needs a little helping hand in finding a place but BEWARE for fraud, arrange a viewing and remember to ask questions with your landlord to guarantee where you will stay is authentic!!!

Try to book early for accommodation to avoid late moving in arrangements, if you live as far away as I did. Travelling to get in for 9 oclock is tiring and unneccessary, get it out the way first and focus on whats important in your studies!.

Good luck!!! :P

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