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Student Article - Don't worry. You WILL find somewhere to live.
Author: Alex Turner
When I was about to move out for uni and travel some 200 miles, everything was looking great, up until the day before we left. I got a phone call from the landlady for the house I was going to live in telling me there was now no more room, and I panicked. I had one day until my uni started and nowhere to live.

If you've been in this situation, don't worry. Don't panic, that's the main thing. There are hundreds of properties all over the place, as well as private accommodation and all sorts of other options. Here's what to do:

1. Call your university
Uni's usually have some kind of accommodation service dedicated to housing potential students. I was lucky in that my uni had a specialised team! They know the good landlords, the bad ones, and halls, everything. They will find you somewhere.

2. Call any private halls services in the area.
This is what I did in the end. Within about 45 mins of being told I couldn't live in the house, I'd managed to get a place in some private halls.

3. Find a list of landlords and phone them.
Just talking to a landlord or lady is the best and easiest way to find out about spaces in housing, if halls aren't available or your thing. Most landlords and ladies have multiple houses, and if they have one house somewhere with one room, you'll be perfect for them.

Like I said, do what I did. DON'T PANIC!

You won't end up on the streets with all your bags. You just need to get on the phone and keep going. You will be ok.

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