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Student Article - The right questions
Author: Cara Harvey
Argh! You're on your own here. You no longer have Daddy behind you doing all the searching for you and asking all the right questions and how on earth do you find a house anyway? Its not exactly a natural skill you're born with or even something you're taught along the way. Don't panic everyones in the same boat. Thats why this website is great you can leave messages for people who for once ACTUALLY UNDERSTAND WHERE YOU'RE COMING FROM!!!!
You can scout around all the available properties in your area or you can define your own search and find EXACTLY what you want.
First you need to begin by making a list of what you want in a house. For instance, do you want a bath or is just a shower ok. Do you want a washing machine (my advice - YES - laundrettes r a nightmare and u end up rarely goin until u start to realise the funny smell around the house is not coming from the greasy guy upstairs who leaves his underwear lying around the lounge because he moved out a week ago). Do you want to share a bathroom or an ensuite of your own? You also want to think about where it is located - buses and trains can add up to an awful lot and a car... (dont even think about it - unless of course Daddy owns Rolls Royce or is a brain surgeon or something).
When at long last you've found a place that sounds reasonably decent and not going to exceed your student loan (unless Daddy owns Rolls Royce blah blah blah!) GO AND SEE IT. NEVER even take the word of someone who lived there last year - GO AND SEE IT. Sometimes a place sounds perfect; you go and see it and the minute you walk through the door you fall OUT of love, for some reason. And sometimes a place sounds mank but GO AND SEE IT - you'll probably walk through the door and fall IN love.
Then make sure you take with you a list of questions you want to ask. Some things to think about are if you have to pay the rest of the rent if the other rooms aren't filled? Is there a garden - are you responsible for it? Are the rooms lockable?
There's also a few things you should look out for what is included in the rent and how much are the extra bills likely to add up to. So you've found a house for 40 quid a week but it doesnt cover any bills - thats quite a bit more than 40 quid you're gonna end up paying, especially if there's rooms empty.
And most of all... LOOK EARLY. Trust me you think you're quick but you'll find there's always someone who's just a bit quicker than you so GET IN THERE fast!
Happy house hunting!

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