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AFS Pinterest AFS facebook AFS Twitter AFS LinkedIn Student Article - House Hunting - what to do?

Student Article - House Hunting - what to do?
Author: Sarah Elliott
House hunting! - I know its very long winded and can seem like your getting nowhere but here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your experience!
1. looking - have a look at all ranges of accommodation, look at halls (independent or ones with the university) , flats and houses. Best to try and avoid local estate agents and big companies as they tend to force you and are not looking in the student perspective! University letting sites and interent sites like this tend to me a lot more helpful and usefull!
2. viewings - try and view as many properties as possible - even if you think they'd be a bit small or too far etc... not everything is as it seems they might be different! Dont make any quick decisions, talk about it between you all and have a serious think! Also when viewing the properties take notes and pictures!! I know it might look a bit sad but you dont want to forget what you've seen! Also walk to your viewing if you planning of walking to uni, you can then see how far away it is, or whether the walk it horrible or unsafe!
3. questions - ALWAYS ASK QUESTIONS! they wont be shy to answer and you want to get all the information possible! here are a few questions which would be useful when viewing:-
-Are all the rents for each room the same?
-Is there car parking facilities?
-Do you have to pay half rent through the summer holidays?
-If there was a damage with the property what route would be taken?
-Any limitations on guests?
-How often would possible tenants be viewing the property and how much notice would i be given?
-Will it be furnished or is the furniture their own?
-How much do the current tenants tend to pay in bills?

i hope this has helped you all! Aslong as you follow these simple points you'll have a fantastic house hunting experience!

Just remember - when the landlord says to you ''oh this has so much interest its in such demand you should try and pay sooner rather than later'' he may be lying so my vigilant!


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