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Student Article - Choose your house mates wisely
Author: Victoria Whelband
Your half way through your first year of university, its the prime time to start searching for accommodation. You have all these amazing idea's and so many people you wish to live with. The question is though, are you sure you can trust them?

In my past experience during university you create friends which are in other words 'friends for life'. They are amazing. One thing to think about though, are you actually thinking that whilst currently living with them now?

My first house hunting experience started off with a group of 7. We started early searching for houses, and found an amazing property a 5 minute walk from the university. We were ready to take it, when two people dropped out.

Now a group of 5 we were all set. We carried on searching, we finally found somewhere about a 30 minute walk from university, one person was not happy with the distance to university.

So we kept searching. At this point all the good properties had practically gone, we had to opt for a property 40 minute walk away from the university, all because two people let us down, and one person was fussy. That was just the beginning of it.

We paid our deposits on this property and signed the contracts and thought all things are great, but then the next hurdle came up. Another person decided to quit university. So we had to find 1 person alone to fill her place, which was not easy... Luckily we managed, if we did not - because of the contract being signed as a joint tenancy rather then single ones per tenants, we would have been up to pay this persons rent.

All of this happened before we moved in.

September came around and it was time to move into the property. Excited much! It was going great, I was classed as the mother hen who looked after everybody and everything, but things got over my head, some of my house mates were lazy and didn't do no house work (but that was the least of our troubles).

Half way through the year another tenant dropped out! We were up for that person rent, we lost our deposit in order to pay just for one terms worth, we still had to fund another terms worth of rent.

What I'm basically trying to suggest is, make sure you know who it is you are deciding to live with. Things like this can happen all the time. You go to university to get a good grade and an education, you do not need stress caused by others on top of your head. My suggestions are, smaller groups are easier, group of 4 or 5.

Although if you look in my case, a student now house hunting to find a house for my final year at university, my group has now narrowed down just to 2.

Good luck!

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