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Student Article - Coping with a House Full Of Girls Situation!
Author: Leonnie Rose

Whether recently located to the Halls of Residence or private renting housing, there will be many students finding themselves with a house full of females. And when too many females are put together in a small space- I think everyone can assume whats about to happen! Personally I have lived with both all females for the Halls and All females for the housing, so here are some methods of coping with all that drama.
Firstly you have to remember to accept that there is going to be so many different characters in one space. Expect the Unexpected- there will be the sly girls, the shy girls and then well the damn right wierd ones. Whether you have a girl who tends to shout to wake everyone up in the morning or a girl who cant be bothered to clean her dishes you have to try and accept that everyone is different (Unless the pots do begin to really smell- then we have an issue to be discussed :D)
- Always make time for the bathroom- Especially if you only have one between you all- Set your alarm early to beat them too it :)
-Girls Love to talk so even if you find this slightly depressing to listen to just smile and nod your head.
-When a girl tries to make comments reguarding another female in the house which you see as slightly rude then just reply with ''Ahh well she seems pretty nice to me'' and leave it at that- That way you wont end up in any bitter dispute about who said what.
Last But Not least- Enjoy their friendship- we all want more guests at our weddings later on in life and if they seem to be pretty decent girls overall dont make enemies and just smile. :)

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