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Student Article - what to bring when living in halls
Author: Sophie Mitchell
When you move into university accommodation, it's really tempting to turn up with everything you could ever possibly need.

Learning from my experience last year (I'm now living in a rented property), I realised that this was my biggest - and probably most expensive - mistake. Being self catered I thought that I would need at least 3 saucepans, one frying pan, my chopping board, knives, full set of cutlery, four of each piece of crockery, four mugs, four glasses, cling film, tin foil, olive oil, peeler, can opener, grater, storage boxes .... the list goes on. But as you can imagine, I was one of seven people who thought the same.
So as you can see, our kitchen was full of seven sets of the same thing - a complete waste of resources.

If I could go back - I would have been able to spend the money in a more beneficial way.

1. In today's social networking age, Facebook allows you to locate at least one of your future flatmates. This means you can communicate before moving into halls, and discuss what each of you is bringing. But if not, that's okay too - you'll meet each other soon enough!
2. Instead of rushing out and buying everything before moving in, WAIT. Wait until you know exactly what you'll use and how often it will be required. Realistically, you'll only need one of each kitchen utensil and can split the costs between you.
3. Remember, even keen cooks can made do with less - try not to go overboard!

Good luck!


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