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Student Article - Cathays, Cardiff
Author: Ade Everett
Hi there, here are some of the best student places in Cathays in Cardiff:

Hoffi Coffee: Laid back cafe in Woodville Road, and there is usually good music in the background, and newspapers to read. Tip: avoid sitting facing romantic couples on the 'sofa of lurve' in the back room. Get a big cup of coffee and some eats, read a newspaper and ponder the state of EU Integration (or Abi Titmuss).

The Asian Spice Box: Great take away on Woodville Road, where you can design your own curry. Choose one or more ingredients (e.g. chicken, mutton, mince meat, prawns, king prawns, egg, veg), and then choose the flavour(s) e.g. kurma, bhoona, dansak... This is making me hungry. Staff are friendly and they also sell their own blend of curry powder.

The Woodville: One of the best student pubs, with pool tables downstairs and a well hidden beer garden. Tip: buy some Hoegaarden, and sit downstairs and make friends by helping people win 'Who Wants to Be a Millionaire'.

Ab Fab: Good baguette and sandwich shop, which has the best choice of different fillings. Tip: If you order the Mexican chicken you may want to buy a bottle of water as well.

Extra tips: Avoid ALL people with clipboards, who say you can always cancel later if you change your mind! If anyone comes to your door (with a clipboard - perhaps hidden behind their back) and tells you you can save $$$ by changing your electricity/gas supplier don't let them in. Try pretending you have an infectious disease, or that the front door is broken ("it happens all the time"). lol

Job hunting:

If you go to the Job Centre, look out for spelling mistakes on their "hi-tech" computer system:

Here is one I spotted recently: SECRETARY, Must have experience of organising a dairy. Priceless, if you can handle a cow this is the job.

Not forgetting this one: BAR WORKER, Responsibilities will include serving alcoholics beverages. LOL this sounds like a pretty rough establishment! I can picture this scene very comically.

Safe! Ade

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