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AFS Pinterest AFS facebook AFS Twitter AFS LinkedIn Student Article - Moving Abroad to Attend University

Student Article - Moving Abroad to Attend University
Author: Michelle Bray
Hi all!

I just thought I would write this as I know many people move abroad each year to attend university. I know, I was one of those people!! It can be an extremely scary experience for the toughest of people. You are essentially leaving your comfort zone, your family, your friends and everything that is familiar to you.

I moved to London from Ireland in September 2012 to study Nursing. I have always wanted to travel and explore, but still I found myself unsure and unprepared about the big move! I suppose as much as I thought I was ready, I was still an 18 year old, who had never lived away from home before, let alone in another country!

I came with my mum and two suitcases, that was it. I found out very late that I was accepted into university over here in London, so I had about 2 and a half weeks to find accommodation in London, a place I had never stepped foot in before! With lots of searching, tears and panicking, I found a lovely 2 bed flat. The move over was fine (except the 8 hour delay in the airport!!), it was saying goodbye to my mum that was the hardest. I couldn't help but feel the tears well up in my eyes! But here I am almost 3 months later and I LOVE it here.

The most important thing to do is get involved in activities and even group discussions in uni! I joined the university gym and its amazing who you will strike up a conversation with. Make the most of your induction into the university. This is where you have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want and meet new people. Just think, these people could turn out to be lifelong friends!

If I can make the big move, anyone can!! You will settle in and enjoy student life know matter where you decide to go! The number one thing to remember is the enjoy the adventure!!


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