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Student Article - Choosing Accomodation made easier
Author: Shahim Islam
Everyone has an easy time living within the reach of an university or in the university during the first year, But things get tougher by the second year when you have to find your own accommodation to live in.

Quite a lot of people have this laid back attitude on finding accommodation which includes me. The seriousness does not come out unless they start realizing it's high time now and the desired properties aren't available anymore.
Choosing a house, Whom to live with, Type of Rent to look for etc have to be decided before hand

Thus, the steps in choosing a good student house off campus.

1.)Start searching houses from Mid-November or November end, Come January Or Feb, Houses with good Prices are taken and Usually houses with 6-7 BR are left, and it is a tough job finding soo many people.

2.) The People who you have decided to Live with, should be serious and firm with their decision and should not back out in the last moment. This is the worst thing that could happen to anyone.

3.) Choose a property which includes Bills, as it is a headache paying on your own.

4.) Form a group of 3 or 4 and find a House accordingly, Houses with too many people can end up in a mess.

5.)Try to Bargain a house in close proximity to your university, you would not want to miss your lectures or Seminars, Waiting for the bus.
*Make sure there is a bus stop near your accommodation.

6.)If your Budget is high then opt. for a en-suite room, as it reduces tussles amongst housemates.

Therefore, Choosing a house is unfortunately not an easy task, I had a tough Time, because I din follow any Tips listed above.
I started Searching by Mid-Jan and the people who I wanted to move in with Opted out due Academic Reasons.

Thus, Think Carefully and Choose Wisely.


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