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Student Article - Halls are only as good as you make them.
Author: Rebecca Hayes
It's true, last year (1st year) I lived in the cheapest of halls. Now I'm not saying they were bad by any means, but you got what you paid for - the bare minimum. But surrounded by 4 flats including our own we made these halls our homes, and although we were paying less and not living in luxury we had an amazing time because of the social side. Many people regulary commented saying if you wanted a social life you came to our halls whereas if you wanted luxury but no conversation then you could go across the road.
This year we did go over the road, second year thought we'd pay a little bit more and it's true: we live in nicer, warmer and bigger rooms but there is no where near as much social life happening.
So I guess what I'm trying to say is, whether it's halls, student flats or a house, you don't have to pay ridiculous over the top prices to have a good time. As long as you're surrounded by people who will give you a great time then who needs to pay almost 5000 a year to live just because there is an en-suite bathroom or "you're own house". We've got plenty of time to be worrying about house payments and mortgage's when we're older.
For now remember we're students, and we are on a budget and as long as we have the bare necessities to live we'll get through.


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