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AFS Pinterest AFS facebook AFS Twitter AFS LinkedIn Student Article - Preparing for the big move to university!

Student Article - Preparing for the big move to university!
Author: Charlotte Scheggia
Preparing for the Big Move to University
One of the joys of attaining legal adulthood is that, in a way, you attain factual adulthood. High school is over, so no more mandatory attendance or authority figures looking over your shoulder; in university, you are responsible for wisely managing the investment you make in your own tuition fees, and, quite often, because university is in another city, for living on your own. This major step requires careful preparation but need not be difficult if you know what you are about. The following is a list of tips for how to prepare for the big move to university.

1. Start Preparing Early

Don't wait for high school graduation day. Begin your preparation for adulthood and independence early in your final high school year. In academic terms, this means assuming responsibility for your own time management as it relates to study and assignments, apportioning time so that you sometimes finish assignments early if several are due at the same time. Securing the ability to pay for your studies and independent residence as early as possible goes without saying, but securing a place to live while at university is something you should also do early on. You need to know well in advance of commencement of university studies whether you can secure in-university residence or will require off-campus housing. In both cases, visit the community where the university is located well in advance, in order to research accommodation options, transportation availability, the neighbourhoods, locations of shops, and other important things. For this purpose, car hire from can help, as you can be the one driving your Mum or father to the university city rather than the other way round, and you will have full mobility to explore your new community.

2. Plan and Acquire What You Will Need

For in-university residence, furniture is typically not required, but for away-from-campus residence, you may need to acquire basic furnishings such as a table, some chairs, a study desk for your computer, and perhaps a bookcase. In both situations you will likely need appropriate clothing, toiletries, kitchenware, and other things essential to living on your own. These can be sourced in your school community and transported in a Van hired from Sixt or sourced in your new community and more easily transported in your hired vehicle than delivered by the vendor at their convenience and at extra expense. There is no harm in acquiring non-perishable goods you will need well in advance of graduation day, provided that you have the space to store them.

Attaining independence requires effort and planning, but need not be onerous if actioned properly. Your big move to university can be smooth and easy if you do things right.

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