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Student Article - Guide to Chelmsford
Author: Harriet Walklet
Chelmsford doesn't look like much to begin with, but with a bit of exploring it clearly becomes an ideal area for almost anyone!

There are a great selection of shops on the high-street, but the majority of shops can be found in the two handily located shopping centres, High Chelmer, where you can find all the typical clothing and music stores such as Primark, New Look and HMV, as well as a Boots chemist, and The Meadows, which has smaller stores, but great for finding bargains and lovely gifts, and a Wilkinsons, perfect for picking up cheap necessities!

There is plenty of easily available student accommodation in the area due to the vicinity fo not just ARU, but Writtle College as well. It sometimes take a while to find what you need, but it is out there, so get in early!
Quality of housing areas in Chelmsford does vary, and not all areas are well-lit, so be sure to speak to previous tenants or neighbours before deciding if a property is for you. For students going to Writtle and looking for accommodation, easy access is found through a 15 minute cycle through Chelmsford's central park.

There are two Tescos in Chelmsford, both very conveniently placed, as well as a Lidl and an Asda, so getting dinner in isn't difficult, but if you're feeling lazy there's a fantastic range of takeaways, and many places will do discounts if you pick it up yourself!

Chelmsford offers a great night out! With several lovely, reasonably priced bars, including two Wetherspoons and the ever-popular Missoula, and many very popular clubs including Evoke and Chicagos just a few minutes from the high street. Most clubs do a student night once a week when entry is free or very cheap.

It's not just about clubbing though! Chelmsford also has a rather lovely cathedral, an expansive park perfect for cycling, some rather splendid pubs and restaurants (as well as the usual suspects, Nandos, Giraffe, McDonalds and Pizza Hut to name a few), a cinema, and nearby countryside.
Chelmsford's vast number of pubs and bars have sparked an ARU/Writtle College annual Moulshams charity pub crawl down, well worth attending!

Essentially Chelmsford is very much geared towards student life and you can find just about anything you could possibly need within a reasonable walk.

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