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Student Article - Snow Island: Halls From Hell, Huddersfield
Author: Carly Newsholme
Looking forward to moving into my new accomodation, I arrived on check in day all excited after seeing the show flat; small but pleasantly homely.
Unfortunately things went from bad to worse. First of all I had benn given the wrong room key and had to wait nearly 2 hours before the right one was found. Then, as I finally entered my room I was in a state of utter shock and disbelief. The room obviously had not been cleaned and there was girls hair in the bed, dead insects all over the windowsill and desk, cig butts all over the floor, posters still up from the previous tenant and worst of all used sanitary products left in the bathroom along with clumps of black hair blocking the shower. It was filthy and the smell was enough to make anyone sick. Then I decided to look at the kitchen. There was pile upon pile of mouldy pots and pans, dirt and ashtrays (this was supposed to be a non-smoking flat). There wasn't even an inch of the kitchen that you could see properley because of the mess. I went back to reception in tears and told them the room was appauling. After sat waiting for another hour the manager told me I could wait for the room to be cleaned or be given another room. Unsuprisingly I chose the second option. This room as much better, except it was only a single & I'd booked for a double. I decided to stick with it after seeing what room I might have got, and the manager paid for me and my friend a take away for all the inconvenience.
When it came to rent time I had a letter saying that my student loan was going to be late. I payed them as soon as it came through and the company unite seemed to be fine with that. Until it came to May and I was billed nearly 600 in late fee charges, even though I had letters to prove it wasn't my fault. I had to pay it. Just to top it off, my partner accidentally caused some damage to a wall with his car, and offered straight away to pay for it. The next day he had a call from the police saying he was refusing to co-operate. He went straight in to reception to get the companies insurance details and to clear any misunderstandings up and he was greeted with hostility, with the manager refusing to give out their insurance details (which is against the law) and simply quoting "about 2 grand". Were these people for real? After threatening to involve the police ourselves we heard no more from these con artists.
Possibly the worst student accomodation in Huddersfield, I can advise anyone in 2 minds about living there, or at any other Unite residencies, RUN WHILE YOU HAVE THE CHANCE!

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