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Student Article - Canterbury Life
Author: Nick Sawyer
Dear Fellow Students, If you are just moving to Canterbury and want to know about the best places to go for an enjoyable time or to eat then you don't need to look any further with this quick and easy article.

In terms of a night out your best bet is to stay on campus at Canterbury Uni on top of the hill where their 8 pubs and their club 'THE VENUE' see to it you have fun. 4 entry
Around the town the Pennytheatre near Sainsburys is great, 1 pound a pint on Mondays.
'Alberries' off the High street at Lloyds is good fun, fairly small but good with mainly alternative music. 5 entry
Across the road from there is 'The Loft' which is fairly expensive but good fun.
Chicago's and Local Nightclub Baa bars both play cheese, hiphop and r n b and close at about 2am, they are both equally enjoyable but baa bars has 3 floors which is a bonus. 4 entry
Lastly Friday nights are fun at the KIAD bar off New Dover Road where it alternates between alternative nights and waysafe drum n bass nights where drinks are quite cheap too. 3 entry

Eating out:
If its 2-3 in the morning you still can find places to eat such as Munchies down the High Street and Jaspers near Christchurch Uni.
Next to Jaspers thers a cheap sandwich bar open in the mornings which is worth going to.
The best place for a meal would be Little Italy down the High Street which is cheap and nice.
The Pennytheatre do the best fry up for 5 which will fill you up nicely.

That's about it from me about survival in Canterbury, I hope that you will be able to have fun using my information



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