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Author: Barbara Baran

At the beginning of August 2005 I went to Brighton, a well-known resort in East Sussex (about two hours by coach from London). I am going to give you some (I hope ) useful information about this town and the neighbouring area. Furthermore, I enclose some photos I took during my stay. Enjoy!


It is an ideal place for spending holidays: sea, beach (stony, but full of interesting shells) and trendy hotels along it. When I was there the weather was sunny and warm (it did not rain for whole four days in a row! ). I felt almost like at the Mediterranean Sea (even some plants were exotic; I do not know how they stand English climate ). I bought a weekly bus ticket and from upper boards of double-deckers admired the town and its surroundings.

In Brighton there is a wonderful Royal Pavillion with a huge dome in an Indian style (so you can feel like if you were in Asia ). The building is surrounded by a widespread park. At the seaside there is the Brighton Pier. It is a place where tourists can sell their saddles or put on weight (so beware! ): there are many tiny shops with big, colourful lollipops and "american" doughnuts, glimmering "casinos" full of gambling machines and a noisy funfair at the end. At night the lightsome pier and the seashore look really impressively. A few kilometres to the east there is the Brighton Marina: full of various yachts, boats and so forth - a perfect place for amateurs of sailing - accompanied by a huge leisure centre.


In a neighbourhood there is a village called Rottingdean, where there is a promenade running along the beach, at the foot of breathtaking white cliffs – the Seven Sisters. It is an ideal place for romantic walks...

I was also in a small village Shoreham-by-Sea, but I failed to find a beach, so I did not spent much time there. If you do not want the story to repeat itself cross the channel. According to the map the beach should be right there. Unluckily, then I did not know about that yet.


When I was in Brighton the Festival of Sand Sculptures, whose subject was Ancient Egypt, was taking place in the neighbourhood of the Marina. Precision of the works was amazing – artists marked even flaked plaster! I only was wondering what did they do when it rained...

I also took part in another annual event – the Pride Parade (Brighton is known as the "Gay Capital" of England). Colourfully disguised people from entire England marched in the streets with accompaniment of loud music and everybody had fun. The only inconvenience was that the buses did not run for about four hours (approximately from 10 till 14 o'clock).


In Brighton, as in every trendy resort, there are so many hotels that you may be spoilt for choice. However, I could not afford staying in any of them for long time. Then I tried to find something cheaper.

The first night I spent in a youth hostel. It was not a good idea: not only did I pay £15 for a room which I had to share with men, but also there was not warm water and the householders were "saving energy" - there was almost no light in the evening (from time to time they turned it on for few minutes).

Finally I ended up at the University of Sussex. I lived in a six-room flat (each tenant had their own one) with a kitchen and a bathroom. I paid far less than in the first lodging. The only inconvenience was the access to the place - it is situated about a half an hour by bus from the centre of Brighton. Nevertheless, it is not very arduous, because the buses ply rather frequently. I really recommend this accommodation.

Well, that is the end of my "holiday report". I hope the information I gave you will turn out helpful and will encourage you to visit Brighton.

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