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Student Article - Brighton-a mind expanding move.
Author: Sophie O'kelly
The first time I went looking around Brighton with living there in mind, I stepped in dog-poo whilst in the North Lanes. Now if your a superstitious type of person this could definately be construed as a bad omen. Me, well i'm not going to let some hound stop me from living somewhere which I can only describe as my spritual home!
When I was accepted to do an NCTJ journalism course at Brighton college, I assumed that I would commute as I don't live that far away. But on closer inspection I realised that i'm missing out on a great opportunity to experience a culture unlike many others.
Brighton really is individual. When you think of sea-side towns,"Kiss me quick" hats and rock to rot your teeth might come to mind. However Brighton has so much more to offer, whether it be experiencing the intriguing North Lanes which entice you in to shops you might never have gone in to, or drinking in Kemp Town feeling safe in the knowledge that there won't be any trouble to contend with.
I've heard people describe Brighton as a little 'London by the sea', and in some respects this is true. It's cosmopolitan without being untouchable and relaxed whilst having a unique energy. But being a Londoner myself, I can pin-point the differences. Whilst London can be aloof and business minded, Brighton is friendly whilst being ambitious.
With these qualities I can only describe it as the perfect student breeding ground. Personally I can't wait to move down there. I'll even be nice to the dogs.

Sophie O'Kelly
[email protected]

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