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Student Article - Student Village
Author: Kim Jones
A wicked way to kick start your student life! You can be as messy as you like and mum wont tell u off!

I stayed in woodside flats, abit grim when i first got there but after a clean it was all good. Everything inside is basic, but thats student living for you. And if it breaks.... nevermind!
Fire alrams work, they tend to go off regulary.
Comunal hallways:- they stink as people throw rubish everywhere (usually when drunk) and no one cleans it up! But that is all part of the experience!

There is a bus to uni and town that runs every half an hour which is good value (even cheaper if you have a buspass. Or there is loads of parking if you bring your car! Alturnively a taxi to town is about 5. So going for a night out aint too expensive. The on site dinner is good for a buger or chips and cheese afters too!

Everything apart from food is inc in the price! Each room has wireless broadband and a phone (which you have to topup with a swipe card thing) So all in all its good value realy!

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