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Student Article - Accommodation and Life
Author: Rayna Ramsingh
Life is a many splendoured thing, There is a time and purpose for all things under heaven, what is for you is for you....Those are just some of the sayings that I have heard throughout my life. In honesty I am wondering now if there is any truth to it. After obtaining my degree in the United States and returning to my home country of Trinidad and Tobago I worked for three years as a biochemist only to find my hidden passion for Law re-assert itself. Being brought up in a British Education System I sought my dream to study in the UK and I travelled to the UK Bimingham for the first time ever in my life only to find that it was a complete horror story on my arrival,, my accommodation and living conditions were terrible not to mention the spark of racism that was bestowed on me by passers by giving me a few choice words, as I am asian ethnicity. My parents decided that it was not fit for me to stay and my life long dream went to the garbage.
This year fortune fell on me again my 4 unconditional offers re-asserted themselves with offers to do law in Wales, City University London, University of Glasgow , and Buckingham University, as well as my MBA at Manchester metropolitan Univesrity. My obvious choice was London, a week ago I fell and suffered a concussion happy to say I am better now, however i have been in touch with city university for two months now and today I finally get an answer as to them having no accommodation to offer an international student coming to London for the first time. I have been scouring through posts, houses, running up my phone bill to thousands of dollars calling the UK and letting agents, and still today no luck.
Ironic is it after three years of longing tigo back to school i have an unconditional offer to take up to study Law but yet I may just lose thechnace again becasue i cannot find a place to live..some say its fate others do not know.
Frankly I no longer no what is for me and what is not for me.. With school beginning in 2 weeks and not a chnace at accommodation and as a result the frail chance of securing a student's visa...I am at the moment depressed and frustrated...
However the passion still lives in me my desire to get something is still burning the flame is flickering slowly but the light is still on....I guess the only thing to do at this stage is to keep trying and hope for the they say in times if adversity crystal rain still falls from black lets see what happens who knows instead of crystal I may get diamonds!

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