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Student Article - Moving in and moving out in 30 days
Author: Phillippa Paterson
I have used for both room-hunting and for room-advertising.
I wanted a room to experience real student life for the last year of my degree course. I used accom.forstudents to search for my property and recieved replies telling me about available rooms from a wide range of types and areas fairly quickly. After only viewing a couple of properties I made my choice, signed the contract and made plan s to move in.
Next thing you know you're asked to move in with your boyfriend...obviously you cant refuse an offer like that! But what to do? Ive already signed the contract? Argh!!!
After a quick conversation with the landlord and flatmates to be I'm okay to cancel my contract, as long as I find a new tenant for my abandoned room and pay the rent until it is taken (fair dues ). So back I go to accomodationforstudents to advertise the now available room. It was quite late in the summer holiday season and so I expected very little takers, with everyone already having rooms to move into once uni started. To my suprise I had alot of interest in this room, especially from overseas or EU students. After a little confusion about who to contact to arrange viewings there are hopefully a good few prospective new tenants raring to move in. And I'm happy I can go and live with the guy I love *awwwwh*

The End!

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