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Student Article - Dont get flipped by your Landlord
Author: Tony Mccarthy
A common trick is to be asked to leave a deposit and months advance rent. Then at the end of your contract an agent will view the property and return the deposit minus any money owed fro repairs. Sounds fair enough so you hand over the deposit, pay your rent on time, dont cause trouble and then at the end of your stay you go travelling or move out and require your deposit back. This is where it all goes wrong, the Landlord tells you "dont worry, itll be fine, give me a forwarding address and i will send the money onto you when the agent views the property" Reassured you will receive your money you graciously move out, go on holiday and forget about the bother of your deposit, just waiting in confidence that it is returned in due course. One month passes and it still hasnt arrived, bummer. Now you have to ring the Landlord and work out whats gone wrong. To cut a long stroy short if you want your money returned make a contract that says how much you have paid, the terms of the deposit and when it is to be returned. Sign it in front of witnesses and make photo copies. This is so that when you have to go to citizens advice you can prove beyond a question of doubt that you handed over money for it to be returned. The contract acts as a binding gurantee and this is upheld in the court of Law. You may need to go to court which is a pain for everyone but the lesson is...dont get flipped by your Landlord!!!!

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