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Student Article - Not Alone
Author: Memory Pinchbeck
Dear Fellow Students,

The summer holidays are almost coming to an end as our courses are soon to commence. Undergraduates and postgraduates alike everywhere are filled with excitement, anticipation and worry. Worry? Yes, worry. If any of you are like the stereotypical students (that is lazy, indecisive, have very bad procrastinating habits and oh yeah, broke) then you will understand why this period is very stressful. There are just so many things to do, so many forms to fill in that life starts to feel like one big form and you start to feel like one big number. Everywhere you go you need to "fill in your details using a blue or black pen as accurately as possible or your application will not be processed..." It feels as though you are endlessly repeating yourself again and again and again.....and again and...
On top of this many of us have to deal with our own dilemmas such as moving away from our family and friends, for the first time. You worry am I going to fit in? Did choose the right course? Will I be able to cope with the course? Then there are other wories such as finances. Will I get that loan on time? Where can I get more money and will I be able to repay it? Then is the problem with accommodation, why are there so many adverts for vancancies and so few replies? Why is it taking so long? Why is it so expensive? For those of you (myself included) that have never lived away from home experience nasty shocks from expenses such as a tv licence, council tax, insurance, laundry things that you take for granted at home the list goes on...
But at the end admist all the excitement,the worries, the fears, the work and drukenness, the university years are supposed to be our most enjoyable and memorable years. I say suppoesd ss I am still yet to begin my course this September, I can only hope that is the case and find comfort in knowing that all these experiences that I am going through, are happening or have happened to many of you. Making me feel that I not alone.

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