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Student Article - Queen's park not for a queen.
Author: Natassa Peioglou
Being daddy's queen for the last 20 years of my life i thought that a place near queen's park tube would be a great place for me to start my kingdom here in london after flying from greece and being independend from then on.So,one beautiful sunny afternoon i headed for the area of my future residence to see a room or so i thought.I was there about thirty minutes earlier so i walked around just to see how it is before checking my map(az london is my best friend since i got here!) for the flat i was looking for.The area was lovely and i started feeling pretty great,already picturing me walking back there from university and welcoming friends or my mum(she would surely freak out but little did i know then!)with a proud smile on my face!saying:<see?i made it!I've discovered this place all by myself!only on my 4th day here!>.I had also decided to mention the universe's conspiracy and all that koelho sh.. which are pretty convenient to say sitting on your house in copa cabana overlooking the sea.
So after enjoying my triumph I opened my map and made it for my castle.It seemed pretty close to the tube station but on the opposite side of the centre where i previously had a walk.I didnt mind at that point and in bright spirits i kept on walking.A few steps later,I came across a 40 year old lady and it seemed logical enough to ask her if she lived there and what she thinks of the area.She told me that it is perfectly safe and that she had never had any problems whatsoever!But then again-she mentions-you naver know.In london you may cross the street and find yourself in a completely different place!I smiled and thanked her thinking (with my small town head)that this cant be true!so i decided to keep the positive stuff i heard.
In just five minutes walk from the tube i was there!It was certainly "the other side of the road".The whole area consisted of high rise buildings,really old and really dirty that had nothing to do with the lovely houses on the other side of the area(5 minutes away from there).I didnt let that put me off and looked for my building.Once I got there,I walked into the entrance and the smell hit me sooo fast that i was sure they have mistaken it for the loo.I thought that these kind of things happen and we re all human beings who make mistakes so i reached for the elevator.Once i got in I prayed to god that if i make it to the 8th floor i will take the stairs to go back down.It was a box as if you were a piece of ham in the butcher's refridgerator.And im being nice.Once i made it to the flat I was about to knock when i saw the window next to the door.It was clearly a kitchen window with plastic drapes,tones of dishes waiting to be washed since i was born and if that wasnt enough,there were dog's poo right in front of the door.
Some people may think I was exaggerating but I couldnt get out of there faster taking the stairs this time!I think that if i had got in the flat,I would be needing a mask and that is not an item you usually take with you when you go house hunting.Once on the train back to my friend's house i felt relieved.
The clue to the story is that all this happened yesterday.Today I am not in the mood to see another house.I am recovering.Whoever tells you that found a house easily is a big fat liar.It takes a lot of effort and courage and i think we should form a group of broken flathunters' hearts.

Natassa Peioglou.

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