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Student Article - Be aware but do trust some people!
Author: Amy Rolfe
I found the house we lived in for our second and final years through our university housing list. we had seen some horrific places before I stumbled upon this one; including one with carpet around the edge of the bath and mould inside the door frames. We saw a house where 4 girls lived who offered us coffee only to realise the coffee stains inside the mugs were in fact maggots entirely covering the bottom of the washing up bowl!
(I also had a friend who maintained that he had a perfectly acceptable diet consisting of beer and baked beans throughout his fresher year, culminating in his catching SCURVY in his second year!)
But the point of these horror stories is this: yes, you can be scammed and yes, as a student you're expected to put up with a certain level of sub-hygienic living, but the important thing to remember is that persistence and hope and TRUST are key qualities in finding a happy, and clean, home. When we found our beautiful house we made an offer on the spot, undercutting many other students who had delayed their decision because we knew there and then it was perfect, and yes, it had a wobbly bannister and the bathroom suite was a rather retro shade of brown but we loved it.
These are the lessons that university ultimately teaches us and thankfully we were brave enough (and admittedly a little sceptical enough) to learn from our mistakes and our bad decisions and keep reaping the benefits throughout our time at Uni.

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