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Student Article - hollybush
Author: Chantelle Lloyd
hollybush may look like a nice area to live.but trust me its not.iv lived her for 13 years of my life.its not a nice area of welwyn garden city.
it has its ups i supose like its near the if u break your leg you can hop down there. or if u get beaten up by the local chavs who are always drunk on the streets u can make ur way down to a and e within about 15mins.
hollybush is near the king george park but then again its filled with drunken young teenagers who will ask u for ciggerettes if u dont provide you get a punch or too.
living here has been a nightmare growing up.and now my family is moving away nd its my choice to say here so i have to find somewhere to live on my own and i want to move nearer my school.there is no way in hell im staying in hollybush. beacause if i stay end up having my house burnt down by the local holigans.
so my advice students dont live near hollybush or woodhall. move near handside or stanbourgh.whenever iv been there iv had no trouble.nothing compared to where i live now.people leave u be and u can continue ur normal day without being harrased for being yourself.
so if u can get somewhere near handside snach it up. its not worth the greef living here.take it from someone who knows this area well.and wen i aventally find somewhere il never look back on this horrible place.i know it will be down the road.but i have had nothing but trouble here my whole 13 years.
so take my advice dont accept hollybush or woodhall.


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