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Student Article - Student life
Author: Rose Miller
Being a student is without a doubt challenging. Moving away from the comfort of the room you've spent 18 years of your life in can be scary. So many new faces, so many new things to see and do...and drink. money burns a hole in your pocket and before you know it you've run out the essentials: Loo roll, Tesco value Baked Beans and beer. YOu have to not only roll out of bed in time to make it to your lectures, you haev to look after yourself. The first few weeks you spend trying to see how many wears you can squeeze out of your clothes, and you're affraid to get too close to anyone incase they can smell the nights of partying and days of pondering over old dusty books in the uni library. Being a student is hard work but fun, you will meet so many new and exciting people, just remember to avoid the girl who calls you her best friend after one conversation in a smokey, dank nightclub toilet, and the guy who can't seem to keep his hands off you and his eyes off every gorgeous girl in the room. Have fun, and strive to be happy

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