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Welcome to the statistical analysis page

This is where we provide a variety of reports that will help you decide where to live.
Student Reviews See ratings assigned to areas by students.
Room Rental Rates See the average rental rates per area.
Student Feedback on areas See feedback and comments from students on certain areas.
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Student Reviews of Chester by Area

Breakdown of room rental by Area for Chester
Area Average Rent Sample Min rent Max Rent
Blacon 90 8 90 90
Boughton 80 18 55 125
Central 896 129 50 120
Christleton 71 5 65 75
City centre 9712 84 60 150
College ward 71 8 52 90
Dd 150 1 150 150
Garden lane 64 8 55 70
Garden lane area 91 265 42 125
Hoole 86 69 67 115
Near kingsway campus 92 39 76 105
Near kingsways campus 82 8 60 90
Near university 882 526 45 150
Northgate village 75 1 75 75
University of chester 95 211 70 195
Upton 88 2 75 100
Vicars cross 77 5 75 80

Student Feedback on areas in Chester:

Address Rating Comment Date
79 whipcord lane
80% student area around the university   13 June 2012 
76% Very pretty town with everything within distance  22 May 2012 
victoria road
88% near university, just 5mins  09 February 2012 
cheyney road
80% Across the road from the uni.  20 January 2012 
Leonard St
chester uni
76% Great street 2 min walk to uni, shops,cinema etc v close, quieter student st, good parking, town v easy walk  13 April 2011 
Leonard St
chester uni
76% Great street 2 min walk to uni, shops,tesco,cinema etc v close, quieter student st, good parking, town v easy walk  13 April 2011 
Bouverie Street

82% it can be quite noisy at night especially in Bouverie Street  12 November 2010 
newry court
50% lived here for 4-5years, know the area well  08 September 2010 
78% close to the universaity and the town centre, both are a 5 minute walk away  18 January 2010 
Garden Lane
66% Garden Lane is very loud - on way into town so ALOT (And i mean alot!) of drunken shouts, chants, fights, every single night. im talking about people banging on your front doors, barging their way in and waking you up at 3am every night. funny at first, but after the thousands time it starts to get u down!  30 August 2009 
30 bouverie street
34% i want to be away from student area  25 August 2009 
lightfoot street
38% 10min from the station, 20 min from the city center and tesco extra; 2 min from hoole city ceter (the coop, pubs, etc..)  30 June 2008 
Walpole Street

74% Safe area, only have to worry about other students which means very little worrying! Car parking is good too.  27 February 2007 
cheyney road

56% too expensive, plenty of students, but didnt always feel safe.  13 December 2006 
queens st
city centre
72% Not so good for first years as temptation to party and spend in shops - better to be by the uni  30 September 2006 
Salisbury Street

78% Great Place to live!  16 September 2006 
vernon road
80% really enjoyed my time here. Good location. Easy walking distance from both Uni and town.  19 July 2006 
7 Kyansrton Drive
Saltney Ferry
50% I need accomodation single if you can help me will be great,Regards  05 April 2006 
Parkgate road
near campus
80% Nice area and close to campus  31 January 2006 
Parkgate Road
78% close to university   30 January 2006 


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