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Welcome to the statistical analysis page

This is where we provide a variety of reports that will help you decide where to live.
Student Reviews See ratings assigned to areas by students.
Room Rental Rates See the average rental rates per area.
Student Feedback on areas See feedback and comments from students on certain areas.
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Student Reviews of Pontypridd by Area

Breakdown of room rental by Area for Pontypridd
Area Average Rent Sample Min rent Max Rent
Central 49-34 6 40 65
Cilfynydd 60 1 60 60
Miskin 75 1 75 75
Na 38 3 38 38
Near university 45-41 14 32 55
Trefforest 50 5 48 52
Treforest 49 40 40 58
Treforrest 37 13 35 45

Student Feedback on areas in Pontypridd:

Address Rating Comment Date
castell-y-mnach road
50% it is my home town i wish to move to lodon as i will be studying there in september   13 January 2011 
Meadow Street
78% even though we lived in treforest, most of out nights out happend in Cardiff, as the train from treforest to cardiff runs every 10 minutes, and only takes the same amount of time to get into cardiff. so very easy!  11 September 2008 
46 King Street
40% far away from the city centre  20 August 2006 
16% Yeah.. Wales sucks big time!!  27 June 2006 
4 queens st
46% it aint all that!! but if you gotta live there then you got to live there. But hey all the Best.  29 May 2006 
Wood Road
34% The place is very un safe and the people in the area are very bad and racisit towards international students. not recommended at all.  01 March 2006 
Oakwood Street
62% heart of the valleys, some love it some hate it  30 December 2005 
1 castle street
70% none  01 August 2005 
8 Gwyn Street
40% Lots of students and kool people, nothing to do except house parties, as all the pubs close at 11, except the students union. Good links to Cardiff, but stop at 11.  10 May 2005 
meadow street
62% best to pre book your room well in advance as some landlord are a bit nasty  17 March 2004 
King St
70% nice area to live  19 January 2004 


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