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4 questions you must ask the current tenants

Posted 30 / 09 / 14

It can be very beneficial to you if the current tenants are in whilst you are viewing the property, as they can provide you with an insight which perhaps the landlord/letting agency can't. Asking these questions will help to determine whether the property is the right one for you.

How safe do they feel? There is no point agreeing on a property in an area where you feel unsafe walking around in the dark – being safe is the most important aspect of any area.

How close and reliable is the public transport? A house with unreliable public transport, or twenty minutes away from the nearest bus stop may not be the best idea for University or your social life.

How professional and reliable is the landlord? Does the landlord fix any problems quickly and efficiently, and are they good communicators? You probably won't want to live in a house if maintenance issues arise and the landlord can't be bothered to sort it out.

What are the neighbours like? Are they fellow students or families? If you're surrounded by families, you'll have to accept the fact that you won't be able to throw wild parties every week. Also, find out if the neighbours are friendly, or prefer to keep themselves-to-themselves – that way, you can determine your relationship with them.

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