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7 rules to help you live harmoniously

Posted 30 / 09 / 14

In order for everyone to get on harmoniously, it is essential that you establish some ground rules. Even if rule setting is the last thing you want to do after having moved away from home; they will stop arguments getting too heated later on in the year. These rules should be written up at the start of the tenancy and placed in a prominent place in the house so they can be referred to if any debates begin. Here are a few things to consider:

•  Make sure everyone is clear on the terms of the tenancy

Ensure everyone knows when the rent is due, how much the bills are and the length of stay.

•  Set up individual standing orders to your landlord for your rent

This means that no one else is held accountable if one housemate fails to pay their share of the rent.

•  Make sure the bills are in joint names

This will ensure that the bills are not the responsibility of one housemate. If a few people don't pay their bills, it's not fair for one person to get a poor credit score.

•  Deliberately overestimate the cost of the bills

Bills will cost more in winter than summer; but if there is any money left over at the end of the tenancy, it can be put towards a farewell dinner.

•  Decide what kind of household you are going to be

Discuss whether you will all live independently; or cook together and use the common room areas. This will influence the strictness of the ground rules.

•  Be considerate of others

If one housemate likes to play their music or TV at full blast; agree on a time when it is to be switched off or turned down during the week so other housemates can work or sleep.

•  Form a kitty to pay for the essentials

These include tea, milk and bread. Make a rule that if a housemate has a friend to stay over for more than three days, they must contribute to the kitty too.

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